Freedom Youth meet up on Fridays and at church on Sundays. Socials, small groups and all together youth events happen on Fridays, and there are special events throughout the year like the Youth Weekend Away and a group of 14+ going to Soul Survivor.

We'd love to meet you and introduce you to one of our youth team, so follow us on instagram @freedomyouthuk to see what we've been up to and send us a message.

We love youth!

Edify Ages 14-18


Our older youth get stuck into our 10.30AM service by serving on teams and sit together with a youth leader. Edify also meet in small groups on our Ages and Stages Sundays.


There is something for older youth every Friday. Usually a social, then two Fridays for Groups, and then the all together Fuel. 


Resolute (Ages 11-14)


Resolute have rows reserved and sit together during the first part of the service, before heading out for games, activities and learning more about living life following Jesus.


Resolute have a social on the first Friday of the month, and then join in for Freedom Youth all together for Fuel on the last Friday of the month.


Tech and Creative Hub

Launching soon. Watch this space.