Here at Freedom Centre UK we want people to find life, hope and purpose. We believe that Jesus is life transforming and church is the hope of the world.

Betsy and Andrew moved to Bath, UK to start a church specifically to help those who don't know Jesus and those who have walked away from Jesus and/or church. Freedom Centre UK started meeting on Sundays in 2000, and has grown to have many diverse groups (Life Groups and Espresso Groups) meeting mid-week, along with exciting and flourishing children's and youth groups.



Our mission is to help people find a life bringing relationship with Jesus where they grow in understanding and revelation of Him and his goodness.


Our mission is to create environments where people are inspired to follow Jesus and also build authentic relationships with each other that encourage us to live our best life!


Our mission is to create a community where people can discover their specific God given purpose. We love how God has made us all unique with a different purpose but a shared vision.


Our mission is to be a blessing to our cities. God has asked us to live lives that are bigger than ourselves. We love to make a difference by being hope in hopelessness, help in need, light in the darkness and responding to people’s difficulties.


We are Jesus centred and Bible based.

We are purposedfocused and generous.

We value the presence of God & expect miracles.

We believe Jesus is love and hope and we want others to discover Him.

We love to grow in faith and dream big especially about Isaiah 58 and Isaiah 61.

We have a high value on integrity and dealing with conflict biblically.

We value building community and giving people a sense of belonging.

We love creativity and the beauty and the life it brings.

We put a high value on investing into generations and love kids!

We love to serve and honour the sad, disadvantaged and each other.