We want to help people find a church where they feel inspired by our vision and love the values that we hold as important to us.

As the Freedom tribe we have a specific call from God and know our purpose to see those things fulfilled! We’d love to tell you all about it! We have Vision & Values gatherings regularly to help you find out more about us so that you can choose to build with us or look for another tribe to get stuck into!

Part One

We show a film of Freedom leaders talking about the vision and values of the church and then there is time for questions, getting to know some leaders and each other.

Part Two

We share more of the mission and activities of the church and the WHY we do them.

Part Three

We meet together with department leaders so that they can introduce you to the different teams where you can serve and be a part of helping to make Freedom home for so many people.

Vision & Values meetings usually run on Sunday lunchtimes, so come along to the next one and be part of Freedom!