Freedom Centre UK is a part of the Evangelical Alliance. We also work with and partner with several organisations with whom we have close relationship.

We are part of the Hillsong Network UK where we are able to be inspired and supported by the conferences, wisdom and training that they provide to 'champion the local church'.

We are part of the Wave Collective run by Wave Church, Virginia Beach, USA which is a group of churches who share a similar vision.

We support Compassion helping children in other nations by sponsoring children both as a church and as individuals.

We support Gilead Foundation, a charity who support people in breaking free from drug addictions.

We support Bath Youth For Christ as they work in Bath to help youth connect with Jesus.

In 2011 we are proud to have provided seed funding to see the Trauma Recovery Centre established and to continue to provide the building in Bath which houses their therapeutic play centre and staff offices. Our leader Betsy de Thierry founded the TRC and we continue to support the work of this incredible charity, alongside other churches across the UK.



Looking after the legal, financial and governmental side of the church being a registered charity.

Chair of Trustees: ANDREW DE THIERRY

Andrew is a qualified teacher with a Biblical studies degree and is passionate about teaching the Bible and supporting his wife Betsy who leads the church. He teaches archery and leads pastors retreats and mens gatherings in fields, forests and outdoor spaces where he loves to help men find freedom and de stress.


Rob, alongside his wife Marion, has been in some form of local, national and international leadership for many years. Rob, an ordained Baptist Minister, was involved in Spring Harvest speaking and leadership for 30 years and is a former Director of Youth for Christ (YFC).


Stephen Matthew has been responsible for the development of many buildings within his church work.He was the founding Principal of LIFE Church Leadership Academy where he continues to teach regularly. He is a chartered building surveyor and uses these skills in helping the Freedom Bath and Bristol Leadership Team make key decisions regarding the building plans of the church.


Jonty has worked in Bath since 2008 as a Software Engineer and Developer. This involves anything from air traffic control systems to web applications, most of which have an aspect of information security, which is significant in his trustee role. Jonty has been involved with Freedom for many years. He is married to Hannah and they have three children. 


Matt has been a member of Freedom since becoming a Christian in 2003. Married to Rachel with four children he has been involved in many areas of church life including being the first manager of the Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Bath centre which was overseen by Freedom church. Matt is a strategic leader and a technical authority within the field of safety-critical engineering, having led large teams of of critical software and system engineers.


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PAUL BENGER of Christian Life Church, Chesterfield, Derby and Sheffield

JOHN GREENOW of Xcel Church Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, Darlington 

OWEN CRANE of CFC Belfast 




Apostolic Advisor: BERNARD SANDERS

Bernhard Sanders has been an influential apostolic leader to many of the key church leaders in Bath as well as around the UK and internationally. He began his work in Bath in 2010 when he moved intentionally to support the expansion of the kingdom of God in the region. He lived in Bath until 2014 where he and his family relocated to South Africa. He visits regularly and continues to work with many of the Bath church leaders and Betsy de Thierry.

Creative Arts Advisor: JEFF and JULIE CRABTREE

Jeff Crabtree is an award winning composer, producer and musician. He is co-author, with his wife Julie, of ‘Living with a Creative Mind’ and together they equip and support creative thinkers and artists through the Zebra Collective. Over the last eight years, Jeff has been actively involved within our creative arts community, most notably as Producer of Hear The Sound, our debut album. He has also been a guest speaker at our church and creative arts conferences many times.