We’re a community of everyday people who are journeying together in wanting to understand Jesus and His ways, and learning how we can live a life where we try and follow Him every day.




Doors open at 10AM for a chance to have a drink and catch up, and the meeting begins at 10.30AM. 

Our meetings have live bands and we sing about God, His love, His faithfulness and His power to remind us of who He is so we can live lives full of faith. We also have teaching that is relevant to our daily lives and applies the Bible so we can understand how God wants us to live. We always make sure that we have time where people who want to be prayed for can have that and we love to see miracles and the Holy Spirit connecting with people. There are so many stories of God transforming lives! 

We love to chat and connect with each other and we look forward to seeing what God has planned for us - although in the morning meetings we stick to a fairly regular structure due to the amount of kids in kids club who can only enjoy that much fun for an hour or two before needing lunch! 

Our leader and founder is Betsy de Thierry  who alongside her husband Andrew and the rest of the leadership team you’ll probably see at at the front of church. To find out what makes Freedom tick and the story of how it began, our journey so far and the exciting vision for the future do book onto a vision and values evening or lunch!


If you arrive by car, you will be able to find parking on the surrounding streets and in nearby car parks. Disabled badge holders are able to park on James Street, Bath. Our Welcome team will be posted at the conference entrance to offer assistance if needed! Why not take advantage of being in town and get a delicious drink from one of the wide variety of coffee shops on your way to church or purchase a drink in the conference foyer. 

As you come into the building, a member of the Host Team will welcome you and give you a welcome bag full of chocolate and useful information about church. A steward will help you to find a seat. During the service, our kids and youth have their own groups to go to- see below for more information. Once signed in, we have a special security team making sure the kids are safe so you can relax and enjoy the main service.If you have little ones who are too little to be left, you're welcome to use our special baby corner at the back of the room.

Check out our Sales and Information Desk for resources and further information about Freedom Centre UK either before or after the service. Connect cards are available to fill in if you'd like to find out more about church. 


Kids Club groups start around 11AM after the children have been with their families in the meeting for about half an hour. It's usually after about two songs and our info slot in church where different people give notices about what's going on and all the fun things coming up. We love our kids praising Jesus with us as a whole gathering- and love their noise and energy! We usually have the songs, notices and offering and then we announce that it's time for the kids and youth to go out to kids club! 

The kids all need to be signed in and will be given a wristband. You be given a tag with your childs wristband number on it, and you will need this when you return to pick up your child (for safeguarding reasons). Youth don't need to be signed out and will wonder back to find you at the end of the service, where you'll have to persuade them to come home!