Hello Freshers!

If you are a fresher this year then look out for us at the Bath Uni and Bath Spa Fresher Fairs. We’d love to meet you and can let you know more about church.

The CU at your university will be running Church Searches from campus. Look out for one of our Student Team, who will jump on the bus with you to church, and do ask them any questions that you have.

If you are living at one of the off-site uni accomodations and you would like help getting along to church then do email dannii.gray@freedomcentreuk.com and we can arrange for someone to give you a lift!

Getting to church

Our Student Team will be on your uni campuses during Church Search to be able to take you along to church on the uni buses. Hopefully once you are familiar with the bus routes and you are more familiar with Bath City centre you should have no problem finding us on a Sunday morning at the Apex Conference Centre. If you live at Waterside, Charlton Court or Twerton Mill, we will be outside Charlton Court at 9.50am during Church Search to walk with you to church.

Click through to find bus times from Bath Uni and Bath Spa, and the Apex is less that 1 min walk from the Odeon cinema.

What’s on for Students?

We’d love to help you find church, settle in Bath, find community, learn to cook, be part of a team or anything else!