A huge thank you for all you’ve done in the local community...a hugely impressive number of hours that really has and does make a huge difference, helping people directly.
— Ben Howlett, Former MP of Bath

We support projects both locally and around the globe to help disadvantaged people. We are delighted to have already given away over £1,000,000 to these projects including over £600,000 to support people in Bath and the local area. These are some of the projects we are currently running and supporting.


The Cupboard

The Cupboard is our converted horse box that has been home to four of the established kindness projects of the church. It has traveled to organisations or incidents to provide resources, support and relief and comprises many of the individual projects that we've undertaken for the last 18 years, with the added bonus of now being in a specially fitted mobile unit!


The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe which is a project to provide ball (or prom) outfits for young people! We have prom dresses and suits for those who need them and work with secondary schools across UK.  


Trauma Recovery Centre

We are proud to have provided seed funding to see the Trauma Recovery Centre established, and we continue to provide the building in Bath which houses their therapeutic play centre and staff offices. Our church leader Betsy de Thierry also founded the TRC, and we continue to support the work of this incredible charity, alongside other churches across the UK. We have given over £400,000 to help run this much needed charity.



Rebuild the Pastors

Our Pastors Apartment is an amazing way of blessing those who serve and minister to people around the world. Over the past eight years many leaders have come and stayed in the apartment, benefiting from a rest, a break, or an organised retreat. This ministry is all about facilitating pastors to recover from their role, with a place to rest and relax, and we also offer free counselling and prayer ministry - from people who understand the complexity of the role - if they need it.



We're so excited to be partnering with Compassion UK to support projects in an area near Nairobi, Kenya. Tim Robertson joined us at our Compassion Sunday in 2018 and shared about the work of Compassion and how one act can change someone's life. Get in touch if you want to help us sponsor a village in Kenya.


Trauma Informed Churches

Trauma Informed Churches is an initiative set up by a group of us at Freedom Centre UK. The mission is to equip churches to enable traumatised children to feel safe and be understood in churches. Trauma Informed Churches seeks to inform, educate and equip churches as they support families with traumatised children.