We put a high value on creating communities where people can connect and learn to feel a sense of belonging.

Jesus showed us the power of a small group of people learning how to do life following Him and we want to create groups where people can belong, learn and care for each other. Click on a group below to find out more.


Life Groups

Life groups are at the heart of Freedom Centre UK, and we encourage everyone to get plugged in and feel part of Church by joining one of these groups. Life groups exist to see real relationships formed as people meet together, do life, and commit to loving each other. We study the Bible, pray for each other and get to know others and enjoy being known as we regularly meet in peoples' homes. 

Life groups run on every second and fourth week of the month and happen on different days of the week. Each group is unique in style and format, and with groups located throughout Bath and the surrounding area, it will be easy to find one which you want to connect to.

Espresso Groups

These exciting new groups are meant to be for people who live busy lives who can arrange to meet another 2-3 people for an hour or less to Bible study or pray together in an intentional way. It could be in a lunch break or after work, in a cafe, front room or a park in the summer! Espresso Groups help anyone who just can't quite get to Life group be able to Bible study with others and pray even in your busy weeks! 

Theology College

Invest in your future. Find your God given calling. Be equipped to fulfil your destiny.

Freedom Ministry College was birthed in 2006 and ran until 2012 when we had a break and it was re launched in 2016. Freedom Theology College meets at Freedom House on Sunday evenings.

We are currently running a Theology College on Sundays evenings throughout the year at 7-9pm. This 'time aside' is purposed to enable and equip the students to have a solid foundation ready for all that God has prepared for them. The students need to commit to the whole year. 

Arts College

The Freedom Arts College exists to support, encourage and enable artists who follow Jesus to use their creativity to bring art to the world around them. The world is in desperate need of beauty and an ability to describe  and make sense of life in a way that words often cannot. Art facilitates expression and exploration of the world and a world without art is a clear part of the description of hell.

 As making art can feel skinless due to the nature of the process of public expression of externalising an internal thought, we see it as our role to support artists and facilitate a community where feeling safe enables risk taking and profound and  pioneering creativity.

Tech and Creative Hub

Launching soon. Watch this space.