We are excited to announce that building work has been completed and the building was officially opened in June 2019.


Freedom bought our first building in Bath in 2005 when we were five years old and rennovated it so that it housed our offices, a large meeting room, art studio, an outdoor decking area, and room for all our community projects. We were based in this building on Roseberry Road until June 2011 and sold it in 2016 to help finance the auditorium.

In December 2008 we bought Freedom House in Bath. We started rennovating it in December 2010 we moved into Freedom House in June 2011! This building on Lower Bristol Road is home to our church offices, youth rooms, an art studio, and kids rooms which also serve the Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC). It is often called a tardis as it hosts so many different rooms for so many projects including offices, an apartment, large spaces and two playgrounds! We have planning permission for a large auditorium to be added to the car park of this building after a process of 6 years because Bath is a world heritage city. The breaking ground took place on September 9th 2018. 

Before we started work on getting planning permission for the auditorium, Betsy and Andrew made a promise that Freedom would give at least a million pounds to the disadvantaged before spending a million on a building. That was achieved by 2014, and we are still giving to many in Bath, across the UK and the world. Generosity is a hallmark of kingdom living!  We've also given way over 50,000 hours of work to serve the community by painting homes, wrapping presents, building fences, doing DIY and providing clothes,baby equipment and gifts to families in need.